Andrea Lee TempAndrea J. Lee

Director, ‘Future of Coaching’ and Business-Building Divisions 

One of the most important things to know about Andrea as your instructor, is that she’s coached and taught thousands of coaches to achieve their business goals over the span of 12+ years, AND, she has built and led 6 and 7-figure businesses of her own during that same time period. She brings this track record of real-life business success, along with her teaching chops, to the ICA classroom with all her heart, so that you, and all coaches, can benefit.

Andrea first hung out her coaching shingle in 2002. Her specialty has been in helping to grow businesses that change the world. She received her Bachelor’s degree at McGill University, and went on to do graduate work at Cornell in New York. She has brought her strategic coaching approach to all of her hands-on roles, whether that be building a recruitment business, a language school, or leading a global non-profit. Her clients include some of the most active and successful coaches in the world, running businesses and non-profits that span from up to six figures, all the way to 8-figure enterprises.

MSR AndreaAs former General Manager at CoachVille, the first online coach training company in the world, Andrea worked with Thomas Leonard, sometimes known as the father of professional coaching. There, she was instrumental in supporting the development of the coaching profession and is thrilled to bring that same commitment to Impact Coaching Academy. She has written several books including “Multiple Streams of Coaching Income’ which has been called the ‘Bible for coaches who want to earn money while serving the world.’

Pink SpoonIn addition, she is a recognized expert in online marketing, having published ‘Pink Spoon Marketing;’ she is a leader in the virtual team-building field, having co-founded the Online Business Manager Certification program with Tina Forsyth. She’s also become known in the media as a go-to person for managing the toughest of situations in life, author of We Need to Talk: Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations.’ WNTT

Andrea is a teacher who believes in creating learning experiences rather than lecturing. She will give you the best, most current information she has access to – including current trends – and teach it to you in a way that it comes alive, and becomes yours. She will tell it like it is, in a way that you can hear it, and use case studies and metaphors along the way.

Andrea lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada with her husband Mike, and her dog, Oz.

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