Kevin TempKevin van der Hout, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer

Kevin van der Hout offers performance coaching and training for leaders and professionals. He is certified as an NLP Master and Health Practitioner as well as NLP Trainer and builds on years of experience as a corporate trainer and coach in Europe. He works mainly with people in leadership roles and those that aspire to be a leader in their professional capacity. Next to that he loves to teach and fulfill that passion by offering NLP-based seminars and teaching NLP up to practitioner level.

Kevin believes that learning should be a fun and exciting experience, and that everyone is able to learn anything with the right resources and mindset. He aims to make his trainings fun, easy and practical so anyone can master the material and quickly apply the skills that he teaches.

Kevin sees himself as an enabler. That means that he enables people to find and apply resources from their life experience and create options and opportunities that eventually come together in the life that they imagined.

By doing this, by enabling people to create their own happiness and success, Kevin fulfills his purpose to make this world a better place. Every training, class, seminar and coaching session leads to a more mindful, conscious way of living that is generative to a more harmonious, happy and successful world by empowering each person he works with individually.


Kevin is the Lead Instructor for ICA's NLP Coach training course.

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