Scott MasciarelliScott Masciarelli, PCC, BCC

Scott Masciarelli, PCC, BCC is a Coach Trainer and Global Leadership Coach. He has held corporate leadership roles, lived overseas as an expatriate, speaks several languages and is an avid world traveler on his quest to live life as an adventure.

With over 25 years of business and leadership experience, Scott brings a depth of experience and wisdom to his trainings. The dynamic combination of leadership, adventure and travel brings a unique perspective to his work.

Scott partners with expatriates, executives and clients with a global view who want to experience success on their own terms. While asking himself "what's next?" he found that coaching was the perfect way to harmonize all of his interests, life experience and passions. Many of his students and clients are asking "what next?" in their career, business and life and are ready to explore possibilities as they journey through transition and into transformation.

Scott's coaching clients and students participate in personal and professional leadership development through individual and group coaching, retreats and getaways. During these journeys clarity is reached, ideas are born and transformation invited.

Scott is a contributing author to Transform Your Life - Book 2.

Scott, is an Instructor for Impact's Business and Executive Coach training course. 

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