Shell Cowper SmithShelly Cowper-Smith, CPC

Shell Cowper-Smith has been earnestly involved with families for 35 years. She provided a home for 24 teens in crisis [2 at a time] and has experienced just about every temperament, acting out behavior, contention, and emotions of all kinds. Her rich experience of re-uniting families, training successful foster home parents and working with the corrections department providing court appointed classes has established a distinguished reputation in her community.

As a Certified Parent Coach, she is a highly successful family coach, trained and mentored by Diana Sterling, the founder and author of The Parent as Coach Approach®. Shell has seen hundreds of families’ experience transformation. She continues to see private clients and partners with other coaches in her community.

Shell studied abroad in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to deepen her broad range of knowledge and experience of the family unit and recovery from all kinds of dysfunction.

Shell has several contracts in her community to bring seminars and group coaching to the school district and private organizations. Shell continues to write courses to empower the family, expanding her repertoire to include Keys to Understanding the Teen Brain as well as Family and Teen Life Skills.

Shell has realized the need to train more parent and family coaches worldwide. Her desire to leave a legacy of empowered families all over the world makes her a dynamic instructor. Her passion for her own personal development has made her a continuous learner and she is delighted to be part of the team at Impact Coaching

Shell, is the Instructor for Impact Parent and Youth Coach Training Programs




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