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Our Coaches Are Part of Our Family

You aren’t just a number to us. We care about the important work you are destined to bring to your clients and the ripple effect that will have on the entire world.

Our Team has the same burning passion to help others, and we also know first hand the frustration that comes from being alone and struggling to fulfill your life passion, until you are on the brink of giving up. But don't give up. We all started at the beginning, just like you!

We know you may feel overwhelmed at times by the struggle to achieve financial success. We understand you may feel unsure about what to do next. We realize there are too many options to choose from, too much "noise" to sort through and that you may feel confused. We know the coaching industry makes unrealistic and misleading promises that can take you completely away from your intended path. And, we understand you have just plain too much to do in too little time!

We get it. We care. And we have a solution to simplify your path, while at the same time accelerating your business momentum.

Our goal is to help you live your passion and achieve the financial success you deserve. We will show you how to do it, step-by-step, and we will support and mentor you along the way. You aren’t alone anymore!

ICA's Coach-Approach Business Model

Coaching is a viable business, as long as you apply the right business model. And we believe our philosophy and Business Model sets a solid foundation for your success. That Model is just one of many things that sets us apart. Learn more about ICA's Coach-Approach Business Model and why it is so crucial you apply it in your business!

Free Business Building Training

Making sure you have a solid business foundation is crucial to your success and so important to us that we will provide you with our flagship Quick Start Business Building training for FREE! It has a value of $600, but it is free to you, as an ICA student. We don't want you to delay taking this important course because of any financial obstacles - so we have removed them! 

World Class Training with a Low Financial Investment

Our Course Tuitions are significantly below the industry standards, yet the quality of ICA courses is top notch and on par with training programs that are 10 times the cost. And, you have total flexibility about the way you receive your training and at which price point. See our Course Formats.

Why is ICA Course Tuition So Reasonable?

It's intentional!

Our first priority is to always provide high caliber course content so you can graduate with the world-class skills and tools you need to achieve the success you want and help those who need you. And we can provide this level of training at such great prices because we intentionally chose to keep our profit margins low, so we can train more coaches. 

We have seen tuition fees be a barrier to fulfilling a person's passion. It is heart-breaking! We want to make our world-class coach training as accessible to everyone, as best we can. It's why you won't see us discount our prices every few months in an effort to enroll new students. You can always be assured you are getting the BEST PRICE from us, day in and day out! We run a lean organization and that benfits you directly.

Also, because our training offerings are so numerous and diverse, you get to choose what you want, when you want it. That total flexibility is great news for you! Because your initial investment is low, and because you can get started training right away, you can grow your business quickly without breaking the bank.

Then, if you want, as you expand your business, you can add our niche, specialty and business building training courses, and mentoring prgrams, for an additional low investment. This means you can hit the ground running with your business to generate income almost right away. Isn't that exactly what you want?

Guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our training and want you to be 100% satisfied with the training, services and products you purchase from us. Therefore, our Guarantee is iron-clad. If you are not 100% satisfied with your coach training within 14 days of registering for a program, we will refund you 100% of the tuition fees. Is that fair?  That means there is NO RISK!

Our Team of Experts

Our Team of Instructors and Mentors are all highly successful coaches and experts in their specific niche. As such, they all bring a wealth of practical, hands-on experience to our ICA coaches. Every ICA Instructor and Mentor Coach shares our philosophy and is committed to helping you achieve your dreams.

You will be trained and supported by coaches who are walking the walk, because every ICA Instructor and Mentor coach MUST run their own successful coaching business. We all share a passion for making a difference in the world, but in addition to transforming our clients’ lives, we also transform the lives of ICA coaches.

Our Team's wealth of industry knowledge and perspective is incredibly valuable, saving ICA coaches time, as well as helping prevent them from making costly business mistakes. You can be proud to be an ICA Coach. You will be in great company.

"Done For You" Resources - Royalty AND License Free!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a library full of high quality coaching tools, exercises and resources that you can access when you need it?

ICA offers access to a multitude of resources you will need in your coaching  business. Royalty and licensing free, our assessments, forms, processes, exercises, etc., make it easy for you to focus on your business. No need to re-invent the wheel! All resources are either included with your coach training course, or are available for a very low investment.

What Else Do You Need?

We think we've got it all covered, but as an ICA Coach, remember we are here to support you, so if there is something else we can offer to make your life as a coach easier, just let us know. We are continually adding new courses, services and products that will help our coaches achieve success.

Let us know what you need!

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