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With 866 ICF Accredited Coach Training Hours!

For Aspiring or New Coaches

New Coach Life Coach training provides the necessary foundational skills you need to become a professional coach. If you haven't already received basic life coach training, you will need it to establish the foundations of your professional coaching competencies. You can't be a coach without the proper training! Your customized path will begin with an Impact Life Coach training course.


For Veteran Coaches

For Veteran CoachesYou likely have your foundational life coach training behind you and are looking for advanced or niche market training that will support your personal and business development. You probably also want training that is accredited and provides the credits you need for your industry association certifications or re-certifications, including ICF and BCC. Your customized path will begin with advanced coach training or business building courses.


For Helping Professionals

Helping ProfessionalsIf you are a Therapist, LMFT, Social Worker, Psychologist, member of the Clergy, or other type of helping professional, and are considering adding coaching to your current practice, then you will need our foundational Life Coach training course. It provides the necessary skills you need to be a professional coach. From there your path may include advanced coach training in a specific niche and some business building courses.


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