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Ed.D. in Higher Education and Social Change (Emphasis in Coaching)


Applicants must possess a Master’s Degree, and otherwise show evidence that they can benefit from participation in this program–through submission of letters of recommendation and a pre-admission conversation or two. Those accepted may enroll any month of the year.

Ed.D Program Details

The WISR EdD program can begin any month, and is at least three years in length—involving 45 semester units of pre-dissertation work and then the dissertation. Up to 21 semester units of previous doctoral work may be transferred.

  • If students wish, a large number of units may be obtained by pursuing ICA training courses and then completing papers - reflective or practical written analyses - growing out of those classes. The WISR Faculty will provide students with an estimate of the credits that may be applied, based on a number of variable factors. At the end of each project the student writes the syllabus for that course or project that describes, or self-evaluatues what they accomplished.

  • 4 units: Readings in theories of social change, followed by a reflective paper on implications for the practice of relationship coaching

  • 4 units: Pursuit of readings chosen by the student and production of an annotated bibliography, highlighting several readings that are valued by the student in each of the following areas: multiculturality, adult and/or higher education, theories of social change, methods of action-research, and at least two topics of special interest to the student relevant to relationship coaching.

  • 13 units: Several independent study projects designed by the student in areas of special interest to him/her, each culminating in a critically reflective and/or creative paper.

  • 16 units: Study of qualitative research methods and participatory action-research methods, and applied in doing a practically oriented dissertation on a topic of strong interest to the student and of significance to others.

Semester Units Required

45 semester units are required for graduation.

ICA Training Courses

Up to half of the 45 semester units of pre-dissertation work could grow primarily out of Imapct Coaching Training, if the student so chooses, and furthermore, if the student wishes the rest of their EdD studies could involve study, inquire and action/practice that builds on, and goes beyond, the learning of the Impact Coaching Academy trainings. This could include creative scholarship using action-research that is based on student interests and builds on previous trainings.

All ICA live tele-class or in-person intensive training courses may be used as an important part of the student's EdD studies. Each prospective student should discuss with WISR Faculty, the various scenarios by which this can happen.


1. WISR Tuition Cost*and Discount

WISR’s tuition is $7,500/year payable monthly at $625/month.

Note: A very modest tuition increase may occur in May of a given year, to take effect in July. Such increases are in the range of $25/month to $50/month, which is significantly less than what many other institutions may charge as a tuition increase.

There is also a $600 enrollment fee. However, students participating in this program through ICA will have this enrollment fee waived.

Students who take additional ICA training courses are entitled to a further discount of $625 for each additional ICA course, up to a mximum of two (2). This discount will be applied to the last one or two months (based on 1 or 2 ICA additional Courses taken). Currently the last 2 months of the WISR program tuition equals $1,250, ($625 each month), which means the fees for the last one or two months would be waived. This means that a student taking *36 months* (a good, ballpark average) to complete the EdD program will pay $21,250 total tuition instead of $23,100. Those students who pay 6 or 12 months in advance can get additional discounts of $200/6 months or $600/year. Tuition may be paid by check or via paypal by check or credit card.

Students must submit proof of their ICA tuition (ICA Course purchase receipt) to WISR.

2. ICA Tuition Cost and Discount

Students who participate in the WISR degree program and enroll in ICA's Life Coach or Niche Coach coach training courses at the regular listed tuition of $1797 will receive a 15% discount of $270, for a discounted course fee of $1527. Students may apply this 15% discount up to a maximum of three ICA courses.

Note: This offer may not be combined with any other special discounted tuition fees that ICA may offer from time to time.

Students are required to provide confirmation from WISR that they will be participating in a degree program.

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