Earn Your BA, MA, or Ed.D with Impact

Impact Coaching Academy is partnered with the Western Institute for Social Research (WISR) enabling you to apply all your ICA coach training towards:

1. A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology with an emphasis in Coaching.

2. A Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology with an emphasis in Coaching.

3. A Doctorate in Education ( Ed.D) in Higher Education and Social Change with an emphasis in Coaching. (Note: WISR’s Ph.D Program has changed to an Ed.D Program, so that WISR can become eligible to be considered for national accreditation).

About The Western Institute for Social Research

WISR (www.wisr.edu) is the world’s leading academic institute for social change. WISR has offered California state licensed BA, MA and Doctoral degrees since 1977, and their distance learning program accepts students from all over the world.

Candidates for these degrees must enroll concurrently in WISR and ICA, participate in the applicable ICA training, and work with WISR faculty in applying their ICA trainings to their academic studies.

Program Details, Prerequisites and Tuition

Webinar - "How to Earn Your BA, MA or EdD with ICA and WISR"

Click here for an informative webinar with WISR President, John Bilorusky and ICA Founder, Frankie Doiron in which they explain the details of earning your WISR degree with ICA training.

For specific Degree program details click on the applicable link below:

BA Program

MA Program

Ed.D Program

More Information and Admissions

For more information about academic requirements please contact WISR faculty John Bilorusky or Larry Loebig at 510-655-2830.

For information about ICA tuition discounts please reference the tuition rates posted under each degree, or contact our Coaching Career Advisors at 1-800-686-1463.

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