ICF ACSTHICA Professional Life Coach Training

ICA offers two Life Coach training courses:

The Professional Life Coach (CPC) Foundations training program for new coaches, and the Master Professional Coach (MPC) Advanced Coaching Principles training program for coaches who want additional training to help them develop further mastery of the professional coaching competencies and skills.

Both programs offer 35 hours each of life coach training and are available in a live Tele-class format over a 9 week period.

View our Training Calendar for upcoming live Life Coach training courses. Remember the Self-Paced Study programs are always available when you are.

Coaching Philosophy

Also easy to understand is the core philosophy behind the program. In fact, it's the core philosophy behind much of the coaching industry itself!

Coaching is a partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Impact Coaching Academy is at the forefront of the industry by bringing this fundamental viewpoint to bear in every class within our program!

The goal of all of our programs, which we endeavor to deliver to each and every student, is simple: Become the kind of coach that you can be proud of, have faith in, and that evolves to your highest calling, (and earning power!!)

Learning Objectives

Our training objectives focus on the International Coach Federation accepted Guidelines for Ethical Conduct, and how to apply them in coaching, and coach business transactions. The understanding, application and integration of the ICF Core Competencies. Learning will include the study of each competency individually, and as a whole matrix of coaching skills - moving the beginner coach from novice practitioner to a more skilled coach.

You will learn everything you will need to provide a high calibre coaching experience to your clients. You will learn to use proven coaching competencies, methodologies and processes needed to help your clients achieve measurable results. These professional coaching tools and techniques can be applied to any coaching niche you choose, as they are the foundational skills of the coaching profession.

menBy the time you graduate and earn your Certified Professional Coach credential, you will have gained the knowledge, tools, techniques and confidence to begin coaching immediately.

Upon completion of the training you will be able to:

  • Apply coaching ethics and standards in all coaching situations;

  • Build instant rapport and create a safe, supportive environment with your clients;

  • Ask probing and open-ended questions that evoke discovery, insight, commitment or action, and challenge the client's assumptions;

  • Help your clients to create a crystal clear vision of exactly what they want, with clearly defined goals and outcomes;

  • Assist your clients in creating detailed plans to achieve their goals and objectives;

  • Help your clients overcome limiting beliefs and roadblocks that stand in the way of their success;

  • Engage your clients in the coaching process while keeping them motivated, happy and moving forward.


A Certified Professional Coach (CPC), and Master Professional Coach (MPC) certifications are provided after completion of the respective Life Coach training tele-class courses. Completion of each course provides 35 hours of coach training. Completion of both courses provides 70 hours of coach training.

Course Registration

Discount of 10% applies if you register for MORE than one course AND you make a Single Payment. No discount is available on payment plans. Contact an ICA Coaching Career Advisor for the Discount Coupon Code.

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