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IMPACT Divorce Recovery Coach Course Details

Module Overview

There are sixteen 90 minutes classes and practicums in this training course for a total of 24 hours of coach training, with 6 hours of self-study course work. Total of 30 hours. Classes are twice a week.

Practicums provide an opportunity for the coach to practice the coaching skills they have learned in class. They are scheduled throughout the training period to provide opportunities for instructor-observed student coaching practice.

Coaches who complete the training and pass the exam will receive the designation of ICA Certified Divorce Recovery Coach.

Additional Course Work

In addition to the 24 hours of training and practicum, there is additional course work, including:

  • 3 research projects

  • Preparation of business plan/design of client coaching program

  • Weekly reading and personal skill development work

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Class Descriptions

Class 1:  Exploration

  • Exploring your own beliefs, clearing own experiences, stereotypes, releasing your own story, knowing your own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Learn about the role of the divorce coach.

  • Learn how to establish trust with the client and really honor where they are in their journey.

Class 2: The Law

  • Importance of knowing the laws but not giving legal advice.

  • Learn the roles of the players in the legal system, the job of the court, exploration of Collaborative Law, mediation. How do you deal with the pro-se vs. represented client.

  • We will explore joint vs. sole custody and parenting time.

  • Learning and understanding of legal terms.

  • Research project assigned

Class 3: The Client

  • Holistic Assessments

  • Stages of Grief

  • Exploring the Gift of Divorce and the “turn-around”

  • What is your client’s foundation and learn how you can help solidify it before moving forward.

  • Understanding OVERLOAD syndrome.

Class 4:  Using Your Coaching Skillset

  • This class focuses on using your coaching skill set: Gremlin work, Energy Drains, Action Steps, Future Self Meditation, Action Steps, changing perspectives, Tolerations, support by holding them big, active listening, powerful questions and KNOWING they can succeed and make it through this.

Class 5:  Understanding and Dealing with Abuse

  • Listening for the victim within and championing wholeness within your client

Class 6:   Understanding and Dealing with Infidelity

  • Listening for the victim within and championing wholeness within your client

  • Research project

Class 7:  Loss of Dreams and the TRUTH Behind the Dreams

  • How to deal with the client who lost him/her self in the Marriage.

  • How to deal with self-esteem and confidence, value and rules work.

  • Do own values and rules work.

Class 8:  Flexibility and Black and White Thinking

  • Communicating after separation – criticism to request exercise, asking for what you need, learning to ask without manipulation.

  • Dealing with the belief that they will always fight.

Class 9:  Dealing With Others

  • Dealing with children, dealing with attorneys, the Court, other professionals, other special issues such as holidays, being alone, sleeping with the ex, meeting a new partner, financial difficulties, creating boundaries for self and with ex, etc.

Class 10:  Professional Guidelines

  • ICF (International Coach federation) Ethics, qualifications, confidentiality, referrals, intimate involvement, creating strong and clear boundaries, clarity and being able to say “I don’t know.” Or “I can’t give legal advice.”

Class 11: Client Accountability

  • Developing a strong handle on moving from Victim to taking personal responsibility for own part in divorce/marriage.

  • Facing reality vs. shame and guilt.

  • What inspired habits or new ways of seeing the world could clients take on, keeping them on track with living according to new values and rules, boundaries, extreme self care, etc.

Class 12:  Practice Coaching

Class 13:  Practice Coaching

Class 14:  Divorce Coaching as a Business

  • Creating YOUR Divorce Coaching Practice, group vs. individual, sources of clients, Referral system

  • Research and Business Plan Outline (2 hours+)

Class 15:  Additional Exercises and Processes

  • Forgiveness Exercises and processes particularly helpful for divorce

Class 16:  Course Wrap Up and New Business Beginnings

  • Sharing Divorce Coach Business Plans

  • Unanswered Questions answered

  • Closing ceremony and celebration

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