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Impact Coach Certification Courses

Impact offers 866 ICF accredited coach training hours. You can take a structured, comprehensive ACTP training track that will provide you with everything you need for ICF certification, OR you can take our courses ala carte. Either way, you will know that our courses have been approved by the leading coaching association in the industry, meeting the highest standards of excellence!

Life Coach Training

Learn the foundational skills needed to become a Professional Certified Life Coach, or receive advanced life coach training to hone your skills and become a masterful Life Coach. These course provide ICF Core Competencies CCEs.

Life Coach (Foundations and Advanced) - 35 ICF CCEs each

Client Coachability: Red Flags and Customized Techniques  -  8 ICF CCEs 

Group Mentor Coaching - 16 ICF CCEs

Coaching Competencies Practice Intensive - 14 ICF CCEs  NEW!!

Ethical Coaching Skills and Practice  - 7 ICF CCEs  NEW!

Cursos de capacitación de coaching

Programa de Los Fundamentos de Life Coach  - 35 ICF CCEs each

Courses Middle 1

Niche Coach Training

Looking to specialize? Acquire the specialized coaching skills, tools and processes required to coach and support clients in 14 niche coaching areas. Receive the advanced coach certification in the niche of your choice. These course provide ICF Core Competencies CCEs.

ADHD/ADD - 37.5 ICF CCEs each

Executive and Leadership - 32 ICF CCEs and 30 BCC CEUs

Couples Relationship - 32.5 and 37.5 ICF CCEs 

Divorce Recovery - 30 ICF CCEs

Group/Team  - 38 ICF CCEs 

Health & Wellness - 38 ICF CCEs

Masterful Mentor - 38 ICF CCEs 

Parent/Family  - 37.5 ICF CCEs 

Positive Psychology for Coaches - 37.5 ICF CCEs


Singles Relationship - 30 ICF CCEs


Advanced Coaching Competency Training

Coaches require ongoing professional development to hone their coaching skills and enhance their mastery of special methodologies and tools. Impact offers advanced training courses that are designed to provide coaches with the most innovative and leading-edge processes that will take your coaching to a master's level. These course provide ICF Core Competencies CCEs.

Client Coachability: Red flags and Customized Techniques - 8 ICF CCEs

Masterful Mentor - 38 ICF CCEs

Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) - 37 ICF CCEs

Positive Psychology for Coaches - 37.5 ICF CCEs


What's the Difference?  Learn More

CCENEW!! - Free Special Interest Groups (S.I.G.s)

Impact offers a number of FREE monthly Special Interest Group conference calls that provide ongoing learning and self-development opportunities for ALL coaches - whether you are an Impact student or not.  Our S.I.G.s also provide ICF Core Competencies CCEs, which are provided for free to any coach who participates.

ADHD Coaching S.I.G. - 12 ICF CCEs annually

Coaching Forensics Lab S.I.G. - 12 ICF CCEs annually

Couples Relationship Coaching S.I.G - 12 ICF CCEs annually

Divorce Recovery Coaching S.I.G. - 12 ICF CCEs annually

Executive and Leadership Coaching S.I.G. - 12 ICF CCEs annually

Group/Team Coaching S.I.G. - 12 ICF CCEs annually

Health and Wellness Coaching S.I.G. - 12 ICF CCEs annually

Life Coaching S.I.G. - 12 ICF CCEs annually

Mentor Coaching S.I.G. - 12 ICF CCEs annually

Parent/Family Coaching S.I.G. - 12 ICF CCEs annually

S.I.G. de Life Coach en español - 12 ICF CCEs annually

Business Building and Specialty Courses

Business Building Training

Learn the crucial business skills and knowledge you need to launch, grow and sustain a thriving coaching business.

Quick Start Business Building - Free for All Impact Students

Includes 8 ICF Resource Development CCEs




Self-Development and Other Training

Learn the skills and tools you need to support your personal and business growth.

Professional Matchmaker 



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