FAQ New Coaches

How do I know Coaching is the right career path for me?

It is important to feel comfortable with your choice in a new career. It is a big step. First, register for our FREE Coaching Business Blueprint. It offers loads of information you need to know before making a decision to become a coach. 

If people are drawn to you for help and advice and you feel compassion and are compelled to help them, then you probably have the right stuff to be a coach.

Book an appointment with one of our Coaching Career Advisors, who can help you make the right choice for you. Our advisors will help you create a customized learning path based on your specific needs. Call 1-800-686-1463 or click here to book an appointment. It's free!

I want to be a Relationship Coach. Do I need to take the Life Coach training first?

Yes. All of our Niche Coach training courses are advanced coaching courses and do not teach you the core coaching competencies, but help you apply those competencies when working with a specific client group. In the niche training the focus is on the specific principles, tools, programs and knowledge you need in order to work with those clients.

If you do not have any prior life coach training you will need to take foundational Life Coach training, either with ICA or another school. But frankly, our prices are among the lowest in the industry and our quality of training is excellent, so why would you go elsewhere?

Life Coach training will provide you with the skills and competencies you need to be a professional coach. And the training will set the foundation for your "Coach-Approach" to your entire business. This is crucial to your success.

Then, when you have this foundational training you can add on the Niche, Specialty and Business Building training that will provide a path to success.

Can I take the Life Coach training as a Self-Study course and then take the Niche training?

Absolutely! Our Self-Paced study courses provide comprehensive training of the subject matter. With this format you have access to the bi-weekly group Mentoring support call, in case you have any questions about coaching and how to apply the course materials. The key differences between the Self-Paced and Live trainings are:

  • you work on your own, at your own pace  

  • you do not have peer interaction with other students, as you would in a live training

  • you do not receive instructor observation and feedback of your practice coaching to help you hone your craft

  • you do not receive a Certificate or a Certified Coach Designation (certification only applies to coaches who take our live training.)

Starting with a Self-Paced Study format may be a great choice for you if you:

  • are not able to attend the live training due to a schedule conflict

  • want to complete your training quickly so you can start applying your new skills to your coaching business right away

  • need a lower priced tuition to get your business started

  • don't immediately need certification

  • don't need an ICF or CCE approved program

  • if you don't need Board certified CCEs

Do I need to register for ICA's ACTP Program if I want ICF certification?

No. ICA's ACTP program is for coaches who want a "one-stop_shop approach to coach training that includes a straight path to ICF cerification. You will receive all the training and mentor coaching hours that the ICF requires in order to certify you as an ACC, PCC, ort MCC. In addition ICA will observe your coaching and provide feedback. You will write your exam with us, as well.  The ACTP path is the easiest way to ICF certification since all of the key requirements are administered by the school.

If you wish to take our courses and choose not to select the ACTP path, the ICF will accept ICA coach training as ACSTH or CCE training hours, via their portfolio track.  This means that no matter which path you select, you will receive full credit from the ICF for the coach training hours you receive from ICA.

Visit the ICF web site for more details of the requirements for each level of certification.

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