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For New and Veteran Coaches

If you already have life or executive coach training and want to take your coaching business to the next level, then you are in the right place.

Are You Wondering...?

  • Can I really make a good living as a coach?

  • Am I not doing something I need to be doing?

  • Should I specialize and how will that help my business?

  • How do I integrate a new niche into my current business structure?

  • What additional coach training do I need to specialize in a niche market?

  • Can I receive CCEUs?

  • How do I expand my business and sustain it?

  • What mentoring, support and business building training do I need?

  • What are my next steps?

Custom Path VetChoose Your Path Options

At ICA we provide you with lots of options. As a new or Veteran coach, ICA has a lot to offer you: training, support, mentoring and community!

There is no cookie-cutter training path. Because your experience, background, goals and vision for your coaching business is different from anyone else's, it is important for you to identify YOUR unique training path, based on the training and mentoring you need to best support your business goals. Our Coaching Career Advisors (CCAs) will support you to map out your unique path.

Whether you want or need Coach Certification is another consideration in selecting the type of training format to suit your needs. If you complete the live tele-class or intensive training courses, you will receive a "Certified Coach" credential and a Certificate. Upon completion of a Self-Paced course you will receive a "Certificate of Completion," but not certification.

The good news is that you can always start with a Self-Paced Study course and upgrade at any time to the live format of that course. It is entirely up to you! Upgrading is easy and 100% of your Self-Paced course fee will be applied to your upgrade to the live training course.

Veteran Coach Path

As a new or Veteran Coach you will have already received your Life Coach training elsewhere, and can take our Niche, Specialty and Business training in the order you choose, to augment your business. Most of our training programs will be approved for CCEs or CEUs.  Click here for a complete listing.

ICA offers a unique opportunity for new and Veteran Coaches to assess where they are both personally and with their business, so that if needed, they can make the necessary adjustments to better support and grow their business. ICA's Coaching Career Advisors have the business experience to coach you and help you develop a strategy for improving your business.

If you are already clear about your business goals and path, you can register immediately for the specific training programs you want. If you have any questions about our courses feel free to book a time with one of our Coaching Career Advisors at 1-800-686-1463.

If you have been struggling to make a living as a coach, we can help you without you having to go back to square one. If you already recognize that specializing and defining your target niche(s) is the way to grow your business, we offer over 20 areas of niche and specialty coach training to support your goals. Our Business Building training courses are also very comprehensive and cover a wide range of business skills every coach needs, in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

Your Next Steps

We recommend the following steps for you:

First Step: Register for our FREE Coaching Business Blueprint for access to loads of free resources. You may also participate in our FREE bi-weekly Coaching calls to receive additional coaching and mentoring.

Second Step: If you decide you will continue on your path as a coach, you may schedule a FREE 1-1 Coaching Career Strategy Session to help you define and map out your training and support needs, so you can achieve your objectives. Contact our Coaching Career Advisors at 1-800-686-1463.

Next Step:  Register for the training you want (Niche, Specialty, or Business Building) and you'll be off to a great start! We will be there to support you every step of the way.

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