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Name Rachel Curry
Business Name
Business Name RachelCurry.com
Business Email
Business Email rachel@rachelcurry.com
Business Phone
Business Phone (503) 833-2637
Business Address
Business Address San Francisco Bay Area, CA 94578
United States
Coaching Specialties
Coaching Specialties
  • Intuitive coaching for women and young professionals
Biography Putting YOU in the Driver’s Seat!

Coaching: What is your heart’s desire? Let’s move towards it together! Through weekly sessions, we discover a new vocabulary and healthier habits so you can live your life with more power, focus, and grace.

Clearing: Have you ever been so upset about something that you couldn’t see clearly? Clearing allows us to address the root cause of a negative emotion, release it, and correct the belief in which it is rooted. It is a painless, simple process that allows you to move on from your past, and be free to see the present more clearly.
Experience Certified Parent and Teen Coach, Certified Family Coach - Academy for Family Coach Training/Impact Coaching Academy; Power of Clearing Certification - On Purpose Coaching; Train the Trainer Certification in teaching adult learners with accelerated techniques - Peak Potentials; M.A. in Higher Education Administration; B.A. in Spanish and Global Studies.
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