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Name Jenna Knight
Business Title
Business Title ADHD coach
Business Name
Business Name Never Defeated Coaching
Business Email
Business Email jenna@neverdefeatedcoaching.net
Business Phone
Business Phone (857) 312-4301
Business Address
Business Address Worcester, MA 01605
United States
Coaching Specialties
Coaching Specialties
  • Adult's ADHD Coach
Biography I offer one-on-one coaching to adults with ADHD who are motivated to understand their ADHD and work together to make the changes necessary to lead a productive and rewarding life. My objective is to put a system in place for you to manage your ADHD challenges such as inability to focus, feelings of overwhelm, negative self-talk, and time management. As a certified ADHD Coach, I have strong knowledge and understanding of ADHD traits and its symptoms. My goal as a coach is to empower my clients with this knowledge and understanding so that they can move forward to the life that they desire.
Experience ADHD Coaching Training, Impact Coaching Academy
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