What Our Coaches are Saying About Impact Coaching Academy

M Crawford"I took the ICA Quick Start business course and highly recommend it. The instructor is an expert in business building, knows how to create the foundation for getting started and mapping out what to do to create a thriving business.

During the course, I was able to identify what was holding me back from stepping out, created the steps I needed to follow to get things going and know how to market from an authentic standpoint. It was quite remarkable the things I discovered about myself and the people I want to work with. Several unexpected opportunities showed up whilst taking the course!"

-- Maeve Crawford, UK

Diane Schaffer"I loved the Quick Start Business Building program! Frankie is very knowledgeable about business and has a very natural and authentic way of communicating what it takes to be a successful coach.

The content, format and time frame (to do our work) enabled me to have a truly transformational experience that will change my business forever."

-- Diane Schaffer, USA

Roula Vertoulis“I researched many coaching programs for months to ensure I was joining the right team, who would prepare me best for starting my own coaching business and who wasn’t just interested in my money. After completing two courses with Impact Coaching Academy (Life Coaching and Singles Coaching) I am confident I selected the right program for me and what I feel is the best coaching program available on the market.

My experience with Impact Coaching was a positive one from beginning to end. Not only did the courses provide me with the tools to help other people improve their lives but it gave me personal insight on myself and the tools I needed to build my own confidence before I could share my new learnings and skills with others. I now feel confident and prepared and practiced to help people make positive change in their lives. And what could be more rewarding than that!

I am excited to recommend Impact Coaching Academy to anyone who is thinking about coaching and is simply afraid to take the plunge. My advice would be not to wait any longer and to dive into this rewarding field with Impact. This program is affordable, convenient, flexible, inspiring and you will meet wonderful people that will be with you throughout your coaching career. You having nothing to lose and so very much to gain. You won’t regret it!”

-- Roula Veroutis, Canada

Willie Johnson"Attending ICA was a life changing experience for me. I went through life trying to find my purpose. I didn't know if I was going to be a pastor or counselor. I knew that I was meant to help others but I didn't know how.

I searched for my purpose in different areas but wasn't successful. A friend let me know about life coaching, after doing my research I learned about ICA. After seeing all that life coaching could bring to someone's life I knew this was my purpose, my calling.

The happiness I get from seeing the joy in others eyes, gives me goosebumps everytime. Life coaching allows me to help build, transform and coach individuals to a better life. If I didn't find my purpose and start living it I felt that I will be hindering others.

ICA is a wonderful place to start the rest of your life. I did it and so can you. It's your time, so don't waste another moment, start now!!!"

-- Willie Johnson, USA

Muriel Hunt"I took Life Coaching training with ICA back in January 2014. The teacher, Terri has a clear view of what coaching is all about and all went well.

However, I did not launch my Life Coaching business for different reasons. I discovered late 2014 that I could retake this program for free anytime I wanted. Unbelievable, who does that?!

Well, I am back into the Life Coaching training 2015 with wonderful first-time students, this time I am more involved and feel quite at ease coaching.

Second time is a charm for me, thank you, Frankie Doiron, Terri Hase and the Impact Coaching Academy!"

-- Murielle Leconte Hunt, USA

Stephanie Letourneau“I am very pleased with Impact Coaching Academy and the quality of their programs and services. With so many schools that provide coach training, it can be difficult to choose. I feel that I have made the right choice by selecting Impact. First of all, the trainers are great and they have a lot of coaching and business experience. The course materials are excellent and very useful.

The technical choice to give distance training is perfect. Although it is by phone, we can learn as much as if we were in a classroom. Leaving in expatriation at the opposite of the planet, it is so important for me. Furthermore, the courses are approved by ICF which is, in my opinion, a significant advantage.

It is without any doubt that I recommend Impact Coach Academy.”

-- Stephanie Letourneau, Madagascar

Jenna Knight"When I began to search for an ADHD coaching program, I felt that the Impact Coaching Academy was a genuine program. It was an academy that really cared about training coaches who really want to make a difference in this world. I found a school that believed in me and my dream.

I want to thank ICA Instructor, Teresa Jones for her support, being my angel on my shoulder and for answering all my questions no matter how silly they might have seemed. Thank you for making me a qualified ADHD coach and I always will work hard at making you proud of me.

- - Jenna Knight, USA

Sandi Boyd"The Matchmaker training exceeded all of my expectations. Simply amazing! Ann Robbins is a highly experienced and knowledgeable Matchmaker, trainer, mentor and coach. Not only did she support us as we learned and applied our new matchmaking skills, but she shared with us her wealth of knowledge on how to set up a highly successful Matchmaking business.?

Ann, Frankie and Impact Coaching Academy are 100% focused on my success both as a Matchmaker and business owner. I feel confident I can now grow a thriving Matchmaking business thanks to Ann and Impact Coaching Academy. Thank you!"

-- Sandi Boyd, PCC, USA

Victor Granville"ICA provided a thorough and indepth singles coach training course that delved into the core of how to be successful in relationship. As a result I was in deep appreciation of the knowledge, skill and expertise Frankie (CEO and course trainer) demonstrated and the provision of robust and detailed support materials available to use with my clients.

Since completing this course it has given me greater insight, competence and confidence in creating postive change in my own life. And proficiency in facilitating my clients towards a greater sense of clarity in their ability to create the relationship outcomes they desire”.

-- Victor Granville, UK

Joan PaiementI just finished the Impact Coaching Academy’s Singles Relationship Coaching Course and I am beyond impressed. This class, which was adeptly given by Frankie Doiron was very valuable. As a matchmaker, coaching is part of the services that I provide in order to ensure that my clients attain their relationship goals. This course not only provided me with excellent skills but with quality material that is priceless.

--Joan Paiement, Montreal, Canada

Zina Arize"The Divorce Recovery course was absolutely amazing and really exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much and continue to do so as I listen to the recordings time and time again.

The exercises in the book and the manual are fantastic reference resources to use over and over again.

I can vouch that this was indeed a wonderful journey in my self development and ICA is indeed an institution of excellence which flows with passion, integrity, high quality courses, authenticity and credibility."

--Zina Arinze, UK

Sujata"Thanks for such a positive experience with regards to singles relationship coaching. It far exceeded my expectations (as a veteran college educator, that is saying a lot!).

As a Divorce Transition Specialist, the added certification as Singles Relationship Coach, provides me with the expertise needed to help divorced women make a fresh start in their lives and find the love that they desire and deserve."

-- Sujata Uppal, USA

Rita Hudgens"I received my first certification in 2012 and hold my ACC through the International Coaching Federation. I take my career as a coach extremely serious and look to uphold the integrity of this incredible profession. That being said, I am meticulously careful when selecting certification programs.

I have found Impact Coaching Academy to be nothing short of a God-send. The two certifications I have received from Impact Coaching Academy: Matchmaking and Divorce Coaching have enriched my coaching knowledge and skills and have literally taken my coaching practice to a new level.

The staff is professional, authentic, and always willing to share above and beyond what is necessary. The material maintains the highest standards of excellence and competence.

I can not recommend Impact Coaching Academy highly enough. If anyone is searching for solid, professional coaching certifications to prepare themselves for this amazing career, they need look no further."

-- Rita Hudgens, USA

Imani Marshal"The idea of starting a business was overwhelming and scary to me. I had no idea what to do or how to go about doing it, but I really wanted to start being prepared to move forward. I wanted to be able to say I was doing something about my dreams.

Impact Coaching Academy gave me invaluable tools and resources (that I still refer to today) to help me get even closer to my dream of having my own coaching business. They not only taught me what I needed to know about being a successful coach in session, they also provided the foundation for having a successful coaching business. I didn't just want to dabble in coaching; I wanted to make a living doing it. That's what Impact gives you the tools to do: to make a living, living!

I don't think I would have been able to begin starting my business this year were it not for Impact and it's instructors. Beyond that, the icing on the cake is that I feel supported. I have a community of successful and start-up coaches to motivate and advise me for as long as I'm in this biz, and that is so important to me. Frankie and the instructors don't just "drop" you when you're done with classes. They are still there, available to chat with you, answer your questions, and sometimes talk you off the proverbial ledge."

-- Imani Marshall-Stephen, USA



Angelis Iglesias"I am a graduate of two other respected coaching schools. The quality of the content at ICA is superior and not only prepares you to be an expert on your coaching niche, but a successful business owner.

The ICA instructors care about sending out to the world the best trained and knowledgeable professionals. There are things that instructors can’t teach like love for your work, commitment, or intuition to help others, but they certainly modeled them for us. Thanks for an amazing educational experience."

-- Angelis Iglesias, USA

Crystal Morrissey"When I first considered a career in coaching, I spent weeks online, searching for an "all-in-one" training program designed for my specific field of interest. Instead, I discovered something better than my "one-size-fits-all" curriculum vision—I found ICA's broad collection of specialized Niche Training courses.

After getting my "basics" through ICA's Professional Life Coach Foundations training, I expanded my repertoire with two more ICA courses, each one "zeroing-in" on issues that prolifically impact my target clients.

My ICA instructors have all been qualified coaches, but also exceptionally effective EDUCATORS. They know what they're teaching, and they also know how to teach it. From day one, Frankie has been encouraging and empowering, providing reassurance when I needed it most.

I'm 100% satisfied with my ICA education, and I highly recommend it to other new and emerging coaches!

-- Crystal Morrissey, USA

Michelle Brown"First, I must say "THANKS" for everything. I am forever grateful for all the hard work you do to help entrepreneurs become their best in offering coaching services to others.

Secondly, I wish to say thanks for offering such a concise, well prepared program for business coaches through your quick start program.

Before attending I was still wandering around trying to figure things out. Your program helped me get focused and the most important part "clarity", I finally gained some clarity around my ideal clients. I had not been clear on how to implement all the knowledge and information I recently learned, I'm good now (lol).

And the best part, I loved the buddy coaching; as well as being able to go back later to listen to all the classes. Yes, there is so much to still learn, but thanks for putting me on the right track!

-- Michelle Joy Brown, PhD, LPC, USA

Carol Hanson"Impact Coaching Academy has played a significant role in calibrating the true north of my compass. It's been quite the gyroscopic ride! There's a depth and breadth here at ICA: a deepening of the skills into the underground of self; a broadening of awareness beyond the mundane...all grounded in the concrete actions of the little and the big.

Is coaching your livelihood in the future or now? I dunno. The tools are here. The support is here. The knowledge. My special appreciation goes to coach instructors Frankie Doiron and Susan Ortolano: and to my brilliant buddy coaches. Thank you all for the calibration!"

-- Carol Hanson, USA

Linda ToprekI cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the Life Coach and Divorce Recovery courses I took through ICA. My career has been dedicated to helping others. The additional skills I learned through these courses are allowing me to expand my services to the families I work with and are helping me fill a community gap in my area. The online courses fit into my busy schedule and made furthering my education doable. The instructors were clear, pleasant, and knowledgeable. They were dedicated to helping us improve ourselves and how we work with other people. For all of these reasons, I will be taking more courses in the near future. I thank ICA for making this a wonderful experience.

 - - Linda Toporek, USA

Eliz GolembiewskiI feel like I have a new found wealth of information and tools to present workshops, teleclasses and seminars as well as to coach clients 1 to 1 or in groups. Very valuable content. Thank you!

-- Elizabeth Golembiewski, USA
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