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Are You A Military Veteran? Receive 30% off all Impact Training

If you have served your country in the Military,  we have a great offer for you: 30% off ALL of our training courses.

You will be required to provide official proof of service (either active or discharged) in order to qualify for the military discount.

Why 30% Off ICA Training?

Your service and sacrifice has been invaluable to your country and the world. It's time for payback and we hope, if you have choosen a career as a coach, this discount will help you continue to bring your gifts to others, and allow your service to continue in a new way.

As a coach, your life and career experiences, and lessons will help you to continue to make a difference. We are committed to supporting and mentoring you through your transition into coaching.

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Please contact one of our Coaching Career Advisors at 1-800-686-1463 or schedule an appointment for more details of this special offer.

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