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Client Coachability: Red Flags

And Customized Techniques

Developed by Jeanne Erikson Ph.D, PCC, BCC and

Manon Dulude Ph.D, PCC, BCC

Class Outline 

Duration : Four two-hour classes
Teaching venue: Telephone class

Overview of Course:

  • The Coaching Continuum concept and graphic

  • Use of case studies and discussion as teaching tools

  • Matching client capacities to customized methods for performance

    coaching, balance coaching, and resilience coaching


Identification of clients in distress and making referrals
Bias toward client wellbeing screening as a professional and ethical behavior
Measuring wellbeing with questions and online

Class I:

The Coaching Continuum model
"Wellbeing" and "Coaching capacity"
Capacities and niches
The research basis for coaching capacity
Using case studies: Cases 1,2,3

What and the Why of Performance Coaching
Components of Performance capacity and client goal guidance
Case Studies

Class II:

Basic Wellbeing screening Questions
Some Performance Coaching skills
Sponsors, clients, and ethics

The What and the Why of Balance Coaching
Components of Balance capacity and client goal guidance
Case study

Class III:

Some Balance Coaching skills
Coaching success stories
Deeper questions and goal setting practice
Managing strong emotions; a client in crisis vs. ongoing emotional problems

The What and the Why of Resilience Coaching
Components of Resilience capacity, matching client goals
Some Resilience coaching skills
Case studies
When the client wants it all and lacks resilience, then what?
From Resilience Coaching to Balance Coaching. How do clients move ahead?
When clients move downward on the continuum

Week off for practice with case studies and a class partner

Class IV:

Red flags that a Client is in Distress
Case Studies
The basics of anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder
The basics of ADD/ADHD, addictions, and personality issues
Referral vs. coaching discussion (who, how, when, why)
Building a Referral Network

Ethics and competencies related to screening and referral
Case studies
Coaching contracts and note taking using the Continuum model
What are your anticipated challenges and next steps on this learning journey

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