Professional Life Coach Training Course Detailed Description

The skills you'll learn in the Professional Life Coach program include the absolute, must-have pillars of a strong coaching foundation. By investing in learning these skills, you not only enjoy being a highly effective coach, but you invest in the foundation that your entire career and business will grow from. The more solid the foundation, the greater the sustainable growth! That translates into a lifelong, financially rewarding career that will fulfill your deepest passion.

Our Professional Life Coach training course is delivered in 3 key Modules as outlined below.

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Module One - Ethics and Conduct for Professional Coaches

  • making agreements

  • navigating ethical dilemmas

  • managing conflicts of interest

  • record keeping

  • conducting research

  • intake and exit processes with clients

  • defining coaching and why it's not therapy

  • adding your own personal ethics into your agreements

  • and more

Module Two - The Core Competencies of Coaching

  • building trust and intimacy with the client

  • developing your coaching presence

  • learning too be a multi-channel, active listener

  • using powerful questions to create awareness

  • how to re-orient a client, quickly and easily

  • re-enforce learning by bringing meaningful actions into the session

  • designing between session actions that support the whole of the client's life

  • evaluating results in a judgement free environment

  • learn the secrets behind holding a client accountable

  • and more

Module Three - Forensic Coaching Lab

In this module you will review 2 audio lessons, rich with intensive opportunities to observe coaching, and conduct a forensic evaluation of what you hear.

  • dispel the mystery of what happens in a coaching session

  • identify exactly what's happening at any given moment in a coaching session

  • see opportunities and alternatives that empower you to coach deeper, stronger and better

  • hear the difference between 'thinking' and 'feeling' your way through a session

  • master the perfect set up for success in a session

  • be able to hear each of the competencies at work, and enjoy how they evolve the coaching relationship, and propel the client!

  • see how your ethical conduct can be a powerful influence in every session

  • and more

This program is built on the principles and guidelines of the International Coach Federation. It will inspire and evolve coaches to a level of mastery that leaves them confident, clear, prepared to coach, and coach well! It's also a stellar investment for veteran coaches wishing to invest in the continued strength of their foundational skills.

Students get many opportunities throughout the training to practice coaching under the observation of the instructor.

Course Syllabus

Click here for our detailed course syllabus.

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