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Maximizing Client Success with the Coaching Continuum Client Wellbeing Model

Class Syllabus

Class I: Overview of Course

The Coaching Continuum concept and graphic; Use of case studies and discussion as teaching tools; Matching client capacities to methods for performance coaching, balance coaching, and resilience coaching; Identification of clients in distress and making referrals; Bias toward client wellbeing screening as a professional and ethical behavior; Measuring wellbeing online and with coaching questions.

  • The Coaching Continuum model

  • “Wellbeing” and “Coaching capacity”

  • Readiness vs. capacity

  • Capacities and niches

  • The research basis for coaching capacity

  • Using case studies

  • Homework

 Class II: The What and the Why of Performance Coaching

  • Components of Performance capacity and client goal guidance

  • Case Study #1

  • Some Performance Coaching skills

  • Sponsors, clients, and ethics

  • Case study #2

Class III: The What and the Why of Balance Coaching

  • Components of Balance capacity, client goal guidance

  • Case study #3

  • Some Balance Coaching skills

  • Managing strong emotions; a client in crisis vs. ongoing emotional problems

  • Coaching success stories

Class IV: The What and the Why of Resilience Coaching

  • Components of Resilience capacity, matching client goals

  • Some Resilience coaching skills

  • Case study #4

  • Case study #5

  • When the client wants it all and lacks resilience, then what?

  • From Resilience Coaching to Balance Coaching. How do clients move ahead?

  • When clients move downward on the continuum

Class V: When Clients are in Distress

  • Basic Wellbeing screening Questions

  • Case Studies #6 and #7

  • The basics of anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder

  • Referral vs. coaching discussion ( who, how, when, why)

  • Building a Referral Network

Class VI: Deeper Questions and Goal Setting Practice

  • Ethics and competencies related to screening and referral

  • The basics of ADD/ADHD, addictions, and personality issues

  • Case study #8

  • Competent Coaching contracts and notes

  • What are your anticipated challenges?

  • Your next steps on this learning journey